Notes From The Shadows
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Article No.:
Three years after the release of the outstanding “Jerusalem” album the Astral Doors returning with the next masterpiece “Notes From The Shadows”. It’s the seventh output by Sweden’s keepers of classic Heavy Metal available in a CD Digipak (with additional booklet) plus LP limited edition in blue vinyl!
“Notes From The Shadows” takes us to the band’s darker side with a closerlook into the black bible. A pure evil heavy metal album which brings back the occult lyrics to classic heavy metal. Eleven extraordinary tracks, mixed and mastered at the Black Lounge Studio in Grangärde by Jonas Kjellgren (Raubtier).
Since the debut “Of the Son and the Father” in 2003 the Astral Doors carried the spirit of the old heroes like Rainbow, Dio, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple into our time. In 2004 the band performed at Wacken Open Air and Sweden Rock Festival gaining an impressive number of new fans.
Successful tours with Grave Digger and Blind Guardian followed in the next years and let the Astral Doors star rising more and more. With "New Revelation", released September 2007, the band climbed on the charts for the first time. After the release of “New Revelation”, the band went out on their first big European tour as headliners. It was a blast ending with a triumphal return to Sweden Rock Festival for a smoking appearance. After a line-up change and the signing with the German label Metalville in 2010 the Astral Doors came back stronger than ever. Two great new albums “Requiem Of Time” and “Jerusalem” plus the best of compilation “Testament Of Rock”, attended by awesome live performances all over Europe followed.